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About Club9Forex Academy Learning Platform

Club9Forex Academy is a leading online trading school with 120+ video lessons and 12,000+ active members. The training courses cover various aspect of trading including Elliott Wave Theory, Price Action Trading, Harmonic Patterns, Pro Trading Course and lots more, taking you from a complete beginner to a Pro Trader Level.

Club9forex also offers several products and services to help aspiring traders learn profitable trading strategies while trading the financial markets. These include Harmonic Indicator & Dashboard, Divergence Indicator & Dashboard, MoneyRisk Management Trading Tool, Forex Trade Journal and lots more.

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List of Courses

Preview of Our Course List and Curriculum

  1. Introduction to The Forex Beginners' Course
  2. The Forex Market
  3. The Market Hours And Pairs Of Focus
  4. Choosing Your Broker And Setting Up A Demo Account
  5. Taking Trades And Proper Position Sizing
  6. Expert Advisors (Adding Indicators) And MT4 Trade Environment
  7. Understanding Broker Terminologies (Spread, Swaps, Margin Etc.)
  8. Currency Correlations
  9. Building Your Trading Plan
  10. Preparing For Unforeseen Contingencies

  1. Background, Rejection, Exhaustion And Continuation Candlesticks
  2. Single Candlestick Formation - Dojis
  3. Single Candlestick Formation - Marubozu
  4. Single Candlestick Formation - Hammer Vs Hanging Man
  5. Single Candlestick Formation - Inverted Hammer Vs Shooting Star
  6. Double Candlestick Formation - Engulfing And Tweezers
  7. Triple Candlestick Formation - Morning Star
  8. Triple Candlestick Formation ; Evening Star

  1. Chart Patterns - Introduction
  2. Continuation Structures ; Flags
  3. Continuation Structures ; Channels
  4. Continuation Structures ; Triangles Or Pennants
  5. Reversal Structures ; Double Tops Or Double Bottoms
  6. Reversal Structures : Triple Tops Or Triple Bottoms
  7. Reversal Structures ; Cup And Handle Formation
  8. Reversal Structures ; Head & Shoulder Formation
  9. Reversal Structures ; Wedge Or Diagonals

  1. Introduction To Brief History & Importance
  2. Introduction To The Elliott Wave Theory Course
  3. The Basic Elliott Wave Design
  4. Wave Guidelines
  5. Diagonals, Extensions & Failures
  6. Wave Personalities Wave (1 Or A) & Wave (2 Or B)
  7. Wave Personalities Wave (3 Or C) & Wave 4
  8. Wave Personalities For Wave 5
  9. Correction Patterns : Introduction
  10. Simple Correction Patterns : ZigZags
  11. Simple Correction Patterns ; Regular Flats
  12. Simple Correction Patterns & Irregular Or Running Flats
  13. Simple Correction Patterns & Expanded Flats
  14. Simple Correction Patterns & Triangles
  15. Fibonacci Relationship Of Correction Patterns
  16. Complex Correction Patterns & Double Threes
  17. Complex Correction Patterns & Triple Threes
  18. Summary Guidelines
  19. Wave Degree And Labeling Examples

  1. Volume Spread Analysis - Introduction
  2. Understanding Price Dynamics And Price Structures
  3. Following The Smart Money
  4. Upthrust Bars And DownThrust Bars
  5. Concept And Phases Of Volume Spread Analysis

  1. Introduction To Harmonic Trading Course
  2. ABCD Pattern
  3. The 3 Drives Pattern
  4. The Gartley Pattern
  5. The Butterfly Pattern
  6. The Bat & Alternate Bat Pattern
  7. The Crab & Deep Crab Pattern
  8. The Cypher Pattern
  9. The Shark Pattern
  10. Price Action In The PRZ – Ideal Reversal Formations
  11. Price Action In The PRZ – Invalid Formations

  1. Introduction To Harmonic Trading Course
  2. ABCD Pattern
  3. The 3 Drives Pattern
  4. The Gartley Pattern
  5. The Butterfly Pattern
  6. The Bat & Alternate Bat Pattern
  7. The Crab & Deep Crab Pattern
  8. The Cypher Pattern
  9. The Shark Pattern
  10. Price Action In The PRZ – Ideal Reversal Formations
  11. Price Action In The PRZ – Invalid Formations
  12. Distinctive Pattern Features ? XA Retracement (B-Leg)
  13. Distinctive Pattern Features – AB Retracement Extension (C-Leg)
  14. Distinctive Pattern Features – BC Extension (D-Leg 1)
  15. Distinctive Pattern Features – XA Retracement / Extension (D-Leg Part 2)

  1. Introduction To Price Action Trading
  2. Supply And Demand Support & Resistance
  3. OverExtended Move In Demand & Supply Zone - Profitable CounterTrend Trade
  4. Trade Management - How To Correctly Position Your Stop Losses
  5. Trade Management – Taking Profits And/Or Leaving Your Trade To Ride
  6. Trade Management – The KYM Strategy (SBR & RBS)
  7. Using Rejection Candles To Detect Fakeouts Or Breakouts
  8. The Short (W Bottom And M Tops STRAPtegy)
  9. The Stretch (W Bottom And M Tops STOPHUNTegy)

  1. Introduction To The Pro Trading Course
  2. Forex & Chess
  3. Order Flow Analysis
  4. Trading Psychology
  5. Never Be Single Result Oriented
  6. Profit Management
  7. Loss Management
  8. Hedging Techniques – Introduction
  9. Hedging Techniques – Hedging While In Profit
  10. Hedging Techniques – Hedging While In Loss
  11. Hedging Techniques – Systemic Hedging
  12. Hedging Techniques – Algo-Martingale Hedging
  13. Money Manangement & Risk Management (MoneyRisk) Techniques
  14. The ETS Confluence Strategy – Introduction & Trade Examples
  15. The ETS Confluence Strategy – Patterns, Wave, Pivot, Harmonic & Candlest
  16. The ETS Confluence Strategy – Elliott Wave Harmonic Structure Relationship
  17. Trade Setup For Wave 5
  18. Trade Setup For Wave A & Wave C

Course Objective

This training programme is designed to take you from zero (a complete beginner) to Pro level

At the completion of training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the very basis of institutional trading techniques
  • Understand the fundamentals that drives Price Action
  • Develop and apply a well-structured and consistent real-time trading strategies, techniques, and pragmatic applications on how to approach the market and spot high probability setups
  • Understand Risk Management and Money Management techniques towards trading the financial market
  • Know how to develop a trading plan and exhibit the right trading approach and mindset towards trading the financial market
  • Know how pros track their trading performances and trade journals
  • Apply effective Trade Managements and Discipline while trading the financial market
  • Periodically diagnose your strength and weaknesses that will see you improve over time
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